How Color Psychology used in marketing branding conversions

What is Color psychology?

Color psychology is the study of shades as an element of human behavior. Color can certainly have an impact on a person. However, it’s far vital to keep in mind that these effects vary from humans. Elements including gender, age, tradition can have an impact on how an individual perceives colour.

Why do many people get a feel of bliss when they see a rainbow? Undoubtedly, it signfy the quiet after a tempest, yet the hues themselves affect our brains. There is a motivation behind why individuals favor certain colors over others.

Many marketers consider color as a vital  part of marketing. Color psychology is effectively utilized as a part of marketing and branding. Color can influence the emotions and and perceptions of good and services of the consumers’. Organizations additionally utilize colors in choosing brand logos. These logos appear to draw in more clients, as the color of the brand logo coordinates the identity of the products or services.


color psychology-meanings

Color psychology depends on 6 essential standards:

1) Particular significance is conveyed by color.
2) Meaning of Color is either based in learned meaning or biologically inborn meaning.
3) The perception of a color causes assessment naturally by the individual perceiving.
4) The evaluation process forces color-motivated behavior.
5) Color usually apply its influence automatically.
6) impact of color will effect context as well.

Uses in marketing

Since color is a core element in the visual appearance of products and also in brand recognition, color psychology has become prime factor of marketing.  Present day marketing has shown that colors can help to communicate brand identity.

Marketers need awareness of applying colors in different areas like printing or web, also the perception and emotions that different audience can relate to color. One has to figure out target audience before deciding on colors to convey the concept. Decisions based on Colors can impact both direct messages and supporting brand esteems and traits in any communication.


color psychology-branding

color psychology branding

Color perception is subjective, certain colors have an extremely widespread criticalness. Psychology of Color is a critical instrument used in interior designing, Films, logo design, Advertising, Architecture, sports, Movies, photography, and as a promoting system in numerous ventures.

However, there is a considerable measure of uncertainty that wins in the present day to the extent the adequacy of color therapy is concerned. Since each individual has distinctive feelings connected to various hues the importance of colors may or may not work at times.

Now, making a long thing short, what I feel is, Mono chrome has its own significance. But, life would be absolutely uninteresting without colors isn’t it? Can you imagine any facet of our life without colors? Think about it! And you make best use of colors in the right manner in both personal and professional front and make it really interesting and constructive too, as I do.

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