Inspirational Short Story of a Butterfly

I’m sure many of you know this inspirational story of a Butterfly ! well if you don’t, please read it!

Story of a Butterfly

A young girl found a cocoon of a butterfly.

One day a little opening showed up. She sat and watched the butterfly for a few hours as it attempted to press its body through the small opening. At that point it ceased, as though it couldn’t go further.

So, the young girl chose to help the butterfly.

She took a couple of scissors and clipped off the rest of the bits of cocoon. The butterfly developed effectively yet, it had a swollen body and withered wings.

The young girl kept on watching it, expecting that any moment the wings would strengthen and extend enough to help the body.

Neither happened!

Truth be told the butterfly spent whatever remains of its life slithering around. It was never ready to fly.

Butterfly that counts not months but moments and have enough!!!


What the young girl in her compassion and haste did not understand: The limiting cover and the battle required by the butterfly to pass through the opening was a method for driving the liquid from the body into the wings so it would be prepared for flight once that was accomplished.


Infrequently battles are precisely what we require in our lives. Experiencing existence without any hindrances would handicap us. We would not be as solid as we could have been and we could never have the capacity to fly.

I think we all can relate ourselves to this story. I have gone through my share of hardships, and I’m sure you have your own story of struggles too. But, someone that would emerge from strongly, will be able to have a bright future of flying colors.

Therefore, do not wait for someone to help you fly. Once you are determined to help yourself, there is nothing that can stop you.



I have begun my journey and trying to fly high, not looking for someone to help me grow.  Are you ready to face challenges with utmost confidence and work towards your dream? If yes, what are you waiting for?
Go and explore your areas of interest! Good luck!

I read this inspirational short story of a Butterfly somewhere and I strongly feel that everyone of us can correlate to these stories and get inspired and motivate ourselves.


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