How to make a Platonic Relationship Work in Modern Era

What is Platonic Relationship?

Platonic love is a term utilized for a kind of affection that is non-sexual between two individuals that wish to build platonic relationship . It is named after Plato, however the thinker never utilized the term himself.

Genuine platonic love, the beautiful or lovely other person inspires the mind and the soul and directs one’s attention to spiritual things.

Pausanias, in Plato’s “Symposium” (181b-182a), clarified two kinds of Love or Eros—Vulgar Eros or natural love and Divine Eros or perfect love. Indecent Eros is only negligible material fascination of a wonderful body of physical joy and multiplication. Divine Eros starts the excursion into physical fascination. Fascination for wonderful frame/body however rises above step by step to love for Supreme Beauty. This idea of Divine Eros, is later changed into the term Platonic love.


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Platonic relationship of Radha krishna a story of divine love

Radha Krishna romantic tale is a story of divine love. This isn’t care for any normal romantic tale. It is the ideal case of platonic love. Because, Radha and Krishna never got into a constitution of marriage. But, they set an example of divine lovers.

The love Radha had for Krishna was beyond physical realms. Any of the painting/picture of Radha Krishna leaves a great impact on their romance and affection.

Spirit of the Radha Krishna romantic tale is intimate romance that goes beyond physical realms. Krishna and Radha were never man and spouse. They never got into constitution of sacred marriage but, they were perfect partners. Their love was ‘pure’ in light of the fact that it was never culminated. It was loving on platonic level.

Radha’s commitment to Krishna was extraordinary. That is the reason, though Puranas says Krishna had, 16008 spouses, His most loved associate was dependably Radha. She was a part of his spirit but, she was never a part of his home.

‘Radha-Krishna’ are names that cannot be taken separately. These two names are always spoken in a single breath like a name of a single person. Doesn’t it say a lot about the kind of eternal love these two shares? They immortalised their story in time and gave a new definition of the meaning of true love. That is the reason, thousands of years after the fact despite everything, we worship Radha and Krishna together.

How to make a Platonic Relationship Work?

What is a friend? A single soul dwelling on two bodies. ~ Aristotle

Profound companionships between companions of the opposite gender are convincing and are confirming each day. Well, there might be a time that both of you have sentiments that go beyond the platonic nature of your relationship, what is important is that neither of you reacting on that and keep up concern for each other.

Platonic relationships are extraordinary, they function admirably – a non-judgmental companion of the opposite sex can offer you much in the method of advice, support, discussion, and contrasting viewpoints.

Some Easy ways for Platonic Relationship Work:

  • Be open to the convincing outcomes of strain. There is dependably a probability that any of you could build up a crush on the other. It’s not bizarre, but rather it can make the platonic or non romantic relationship a troublesome one to keep up.
  • Create clear standard procedures. Try to avoid getting into the complex slot of “Companions First”. On the off chance that you both concurred that having a relationship was off the cards for such reasons as wedded status, work or study, religion, and so forth., the “potential” for a sentimental alliance hangs there implicit.
  • Build trust in you, and all of the “potential results” aside, have confide in your choice. Nature, societal weights are not determinants of you, your companion, or your decisions. You are in charge of your own decisions, the choice to make the relationship platonic is your obvious decision. Believe in it for what it is and trust both of you to satisfy the platonic essential.
  • Consider all the advantages of platonic relationship. Therefore, it can recollect all that is gained by staying platonic friends on the contrary to being tempted to discard in a snapshot of romantic weakness.

Benefits of platonic friendships include:

  1. They continue as, you believe each other and offer a considerable measure together at a profound, enthusiastic and shared encounters level
  2. Neither of you has to perform before each other; you are your identity
  3. You can find out about another gender from each other in a protected and uncompromising way, on the off chance that both of you are different genders.
  4. Both of you advantage from each other’s viewpoints on challenges confronting you in relations between other individuals.

There is dependably somebody you can go to for real, fearless, and blunt guidance – platonic fellowships have a tendency of having a quality, which rises above the regularly implicit aggressive and accommodating needs of same gender orientation friendships.

Don’t you feel we all need a platonic relationship where your friend becomes your confidant and allow you totally being yourself without any fears of lust or the discomfort and share things without any inhibitions? Give it a thought!



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  1. Very deligently explained about the Platonic relationship by giving the best example of Radha Krishna romantic tale…. Very useful…. Wish you all the success

  2. Very very high level of love without selfish mind n body between krishna and Radhaji ..this love called soul peak love.. Suprime stage of holly love.. Real love.. Love is always unconditional.. Jay shree radhe radhe Krishna Krishna

  3. Giving example of Radha Krishna stopped me commenting anything against this article. .. This Era and this relation does’t seems to be existing. Anyway, good work, keep it up.

    • Exceptions are part of any era Jahanghir! This is a generic concept of platonic relationship which is absolutely an individual choice of any generation in life! Thanks for your comment.

    • Thanks Ravi! Yeah sure will come up with more articles that would reach out readers interest.

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